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Plumbing Remodels

plumbing remodels
Plumbing remodels can be a huge task to take on as DIY which is why it is always recommended to have them done by a professional. Plumbing remodels can be for many different reasons as well as many different areas of your home. For example, a new washer and dryer set may require small plumbing remodel if you are moving the location of these appliances. Plumbing remodels can be used to move things around like a different bathroom layout or even just updating the plumbing in your home. Hiring our team at Sewer Repair Las Vegas ensures that the job is done correctly at a price you can afford so you can have peace of mind. Our team has many years of knowledge backed by the experience to give you the best plumbing remodel while also being licensed, bonded, and insured.

Common Plumbing Remodel Projects

There are many different projects that have you doing plumbing remodel for your home. Whether it is your bathroom or kitchen there are many projects that require a new or updated plumbing system.

Below you will get to see the projects that can lead to an entire plumbing remodel.

replacing the sink

Replacing the Sink

While replacing a sink may seem easy there is actually a lot more that goes into it rather than just taking the old one out and putting a new one in. Each sink has different plumbing requirements that have to be taken into account. For example, a double sink requires different plumbing than that of a single-drain farmhouse kitchen sink. The same goes for garbage disposals when thinking of the plumbing required.

New Faucets

New faucets can require replacement or updated plumbing depending on the style of the faucet you have to replace. Some faucets come with a separate sprayer that requires additional plumbing while some have the sprayer built in that will only require one type of plumbing instead of multiple. new faucets can be tricky to install because of the steps taken to ensure the installation goes off without a hitch.
new faucets
replacing installing dishwasher

Replacing or Installing a Dishwasher

When you get a new dishwasher or decide to update your current dishwasher there is a lot of plumbing involved that you may not realize behind your cabinet doors. Some dishwashers have a completely separate line while others are tied into the sink nearby. Dishwashers area plumbing job that should be done by someone with experience because of the meticulous steps to ensure it fills and drains appropriately.

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Replacing your pipes or plumbing can be a great way to remodel your home for the better and give your residence safer and more up-to-date. Our team can help with all your plumbing remodel needs!

Replacing or Installing a Toilet

Replacing or installing a new toilet can be a hard task to accomplish, especially trying to do it yourself. There are many elements that go into replacing the toilet including specifics to the plumbing and other materials needed for proper installation. Further plumbing is needed if you do a total remodel where the toilet moves and this is where hiring a professional is extremely important.
replacing installing toilet
replacing installing new tub

Replacing or Installing a New Tub

When you replace or install a new tub you have to be careful that everything fits the way it is supposed to. You have to make sure that the tub aligns with the current plumbing or else it is more than a replacement and is just a total remodel. There is much that goes into the plumbing of your tub especially if the shower is connected and it’s not just a stand-alone tub.

Updating Your Showerhead

Updating your shower head can be a fairly simple task but depending on the style and location of your new shower head it can be something that a professional should be called in for. There are plumbing issues that can occur when updating this plumbing that can cause concern for many homeowners. Whether it is a simple showerhead or a new rainshower deluxe, the plumbing needs to be exactly in place so that other leaks won’t occur.
updating showerhead

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cost of plumbing remodel

Cost of Plumbing Remodel

The cost of your plumbing remodel depends on different factors from what is being remodeled if it’s a replacement and needs new pipes or just needs to be installed, location, and more. These factors are what determine the cost because each job is different in what is needed and the time it’ll take to be completed. The type of remodeling and materials used can be a difference in price. For example, all copper remodeled pipes can run up to $10,000 while PEX comes in less at around $6,000 in a typical 1500 square foot two-bathroom setting.
plumbing remodel

How to Do a Plumbing Remodel

How plumbing remodels are done depending on each individual job. A professional will work with you from the first phone call by giving an estimate. Plumbers then typically want to come and look first hand to see what the work will entail and give a more accurate quote. Next, wherever you are remodeling the plumbing, the plumbing that exists will be torn out so that the new plumbing can be installed.

Let’s Compare

DIY VS.A Professional



  • The initial cost can save money
  • Need to do extensive research to do the job the right way
  • May not have all the necessary tools
Doing a job yourself may seem like a good idea at first but once you get into it you can find that it can quickly begin to feel overwhelming and cost more than anticipated.

A Professional

  • High-Quality tools at hand
  • Can save money in the long run
  • Guaranteed done right because experience and knowledge
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured
Hiring a professional is important because the team has years of knowledge and experience needed to get the job done the right way and within your budget. Professionals have all the necessary tools so you don’t end up buying tools that you won’t be reusing which in turn saves even more money.
choose a professional

Why You Should Choose A Professional

Choosing a professional is important to the integrity of your plumbing remodel project. A professional team all has knowledge backed by years of experience while also being licensed, bonded, and insured. This not only guaranteed the job to be done the right way but that it is done safely as well. Professionals can look at projects from different angles to see which remodel will suit you best and give professional advice so you get the absolute best out of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I consider when remodeling my bathroom plumbing?

Something to keep in mind is the end goal. If you are wanting a new tub design or want to add in something like a walk-in shower it can be useful to picture the bathroom the way you want it to help your professional. Your vision can determine the plumbing just as much as the new plumbing itself. As a professional team, we will sit down with you so that we can plan together and keep you in the loop every step of the way to bring your remodel to life with the best plumbing.

Can my new garbage disposal be bad for my new kitchen plumbing?

Garbage disposals are great to have but to make sure they don’t negatively affect your new kitchen plumbing be sure that the disposal is used properly. Making sure you run water while you use your garbage disposal is a great way to ensure you are using it properly.

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