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Drain Cleaning

drain cleaning
Drain cleaning and maintenance are important to your home for many different reasons. Drain cleaning can prolong the life of your drains, prevent bad odors, reduce clogs, promote faster draining, and keep expensive repairs at bay. While there are some ways to clean your drain at home, nothing beats drain cleaning from a professional to ensure the job was done right. Here at Sewer Repair Las Vegas we are prepared to clean your drains so no further smells or problems occur and prolong the life of your drains. Drains that become clogged can be a nuisance and professional drain cleaning can get rid of the problem in no time! If you don’t regularly maintain your kitchen and bathroom drain, they can wreak havoc on your plumbing and cause much bigger problems that can cost a fortune!

6 Ways to Tell It’s Time for Your Drains to Be Cleaned

There are many instances when you may realize that it is time to have your drains professionally cleaned. Having your drains cleaned is a great way to get rid of any clogs or blockages in your pipes and drains that may be causing harm to your home or business.

Below are a few examples of situations where it may be time to call a professional for drain cleaning.

slow drains

Slow Drains

If you have a slow-moving drain it is most likely that there is a clog somewhere within the pipes causing it to drain so slowly. Over time, substances like food particles, grease, hair, and soap can gather in pipes and create a blockage. Slow moving drains are a hassle in the beginning but can become more of a headache and money sinker down the line.

Frequent Clogged Drains

When you have a clog for one week that you fixed, yet it’s back again this week, there’s a problem. Frequent clogs can be a sign of something more serious being wrong with your drain. Gunk and residue can build up in your pipes and cause serious blockages that a simple fix won’t get rid of. Without getting rid of the clog in the first place, it will continue to come back until professionally taken care of.
frequent clogged drains
gurgling drains

Gurgling Drains

Your sink may seem like it’s fine, but has a gurgling sound there may be a bigger problem. Having weird noises coming from your pipes is an indication that a blockage is occurring. As clogs begin to form, air bubbles begin to form as water goes past it. These air bubbles are the gurgling sound you hear and once the clog is gone, the gurgling disappears as well!

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Having a clogged drain can be bad for your plumbing and is a complete nuisance! Let us help you unclog and clean your drains at a low, budget-friendly price!

Standing Water

Having standing water in your sinks, tubs, and washing machines is a good indication that a clog has occurred. It may at times still drain but will be very slow. Clogs like this can occur from hair, food particles, and other gunk that gets trapped in drains and pipes. When you have standing water the only way to get rid of the problem is to have your drains professionally cleaned.
standing water
water backup

Water Backup

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is coming home to find a pool of water in the laundry room or bathroom. This water can sometimes be murky and bad smelling indicating a much larger problem than just a simple leak. Water backups are not only a hassle to deal with but they can be expensive to clean up and repair. These backups occur when the line is completely clogged leaving the water no where else to go but back into the house.

Fruit Fly Increase

It may seem silly that bugs would come from a clog or blockage but that’s true for fruit flies. Not many homeowners know that fruit flies are actually attracted to food found lodged in your sinks drains. These pesky flies seem to appear overnight and stay around no matter how much you clean your trashcan or counters. When food begins to build up in drains, these little bugs make their way to it and without a professional to remove the food particles, they’ll come around more often.
fruit fly increase

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regular drain cleaning

Why You Should Have Regular Drain Cleaning

There are many reasons to seek professional drain cleaning services and they can vastly improve your home. Regular maintenance is great for keeping up with your drains so they can be clean and free of standing water and foul odors. Drain cleaning prevents backup from occurring in your home or business when pipes begin to get clogged with things such as grime, grease, food particles, and hair. Having dirty or clogged drains can be bad for your home ranging from smells, backed up water, and even fruit flies.
drain cleaning works

How Drain Cleaning Works

There are many ways that a professional will clean the drains of your home. You may have tried every trick in the book, but when it becomes too much, professionals have tried and true methods that work. They generally begin with an inspection. They do this most of the time by feeding a small camera into your drain to physically see the clog or blockage to get a feel for what method will work best. Then they will choose between a motorized snake or hydro jetting to clear the blockage once and for all.

Learning More About

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

diy drain cleaning

DIY Drain Cleaning

DIY drain cleaning and unclogging can sometimes be effective but not always. DIY methods include snaking, use of chemicals, and even some home remedies. One popular home remedy is baking soda and vinegar. While this method can seem to work and help keep your sink fresh, some blockages are beyond DIY. In the end, you may end up paying more for home remedies yourself than the cost of hiring a professional.
professional drain cleaning

Professional Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning is a quick and easy process that can be done in no time. Hiring a professional is the best route to go to save both time and money. A professional team has high quality materials like cameras to assess the blockage to determine the best route. They can use different methods like mechanical snaking, hydro jetting, and air jetting to give you clean and clear drains!

Why You Should Choose a Professional

Choosing a professional is the best option if you have a clog, blockage, or just need your drain cleaned for maintenance. Professional teams have cameras to assess the situation to choose the best method for drain cleaning. Hiring a professional saves both time and money making for an easier process.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often do I need to clean my drains?

Knowing when to clean your drains is important to keep from having to worry about cost;y cleanings and repairs. Sewer lines are for the most part out of sight, out of mind making them harder to remember regular maintenance. Ideally speaking, you should clean your drains every 18-22 months to keep with regular maintenance and prevent any unpleasant clogs or smells.

How Can I Prevent Clogs in My Sinks and drains?

There are many different ways to prevent clogs so that they don’t create bigger problems in the future. Clogged drains can create a smell in your home while also putting you at risk for water backups and foul odors. Some simple ways to prevent clogs are:

  • Use hair traps in bathroom sinks and drains
  • Be sure you are following the guidelines in your manual for your garbage disposal
  • Do not pour grease down drains, even when running hot water

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