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Air Jetting

air jetting
Air jetting is a drain cleaning, clog clearing alternative to hydro jetting. The purpose of this process is to clear out severe pipe clogs that keep recurring due to various reasons, such as grease buildup, scale buildup, and more. When a clog gets bad enough or keeps coming back after clearing it using traditional drain cleaning methods, plumbing jetting is typically necessary. However, hydro jetting has been the only method of plumbing jetting for many years, but it does pose some risks, which is why a trained, experienced, and reputable plumber should only perform it. The primary difference between hydro jetting and air jetting is that air jetting utilizes forced air in an air bladder or small balloon device to force the clog through the pipe instead of high-pressure water. High-pressure water can cause leaks in aging pipes or worsen a minor leak that already exists, making air jetting the more efficient and safer alternative.

The Benefits of Air Jetting

Air jetting offers homeowners many exciting and money-saving benefits! This cutting-edge pipe cleaning service will remove unwanted, challenging clogs without the worry of opening your pipes or replacing plumbing pipes. In the section below, you can see these remarkable benefits for yourself and how they can benefit your home and your wallet!

Check out the practical benefits of air jetting your plumbing pipes below:

cost effective


Air jetting is a cost-effective method for cleaning your plumbing pipes and clearing difficult clogs. It’s much more affordable to have an air jetting service than to open your lines for a pipe wash. Not to mention, air jetting will thoroughly clear your pipes, meaning that clogs are highly unlikely to return, saving you time and money on further clog removals or drain cleaning.

Efficient Pipe Cleaning

Air jetting is a highly efficient pipe cleaning and clearing technique. The traditional alternative for severe clogs is to open the pipes for pipe washing, which has the potential to cause even more problems and even result in a total pipe replacement. With air jetting, a small air bladder is inflated and driven through your intact pipes to clear them, ensuring that no excessive damage is caused while giving them an extensive cleaning, even in the trickiest of places.
efficient pipe cleaning
long lasting clean

Long-Lasting Clean

As air jetting extensively clears your pipes out, it leaves little to no buildup behind. As a result, your plumbing pipes will stay cleaner much longer than traditional cleaning methods. This means you’ll be saving money avoiding more frequent cleaning, and you can prevent further pesky clogs that would typically return due to leftover buildup. Enjoy a longer-lasting clean with air jetting as your pipe clearing service!

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Signs that You Need Air Jetting Services

Unpleasant Odors

If your drains and pipes are functioning correctly, you shouldn’t smell any unpleasant odors coming from them. When there is a clog or a buildup of grime and debris, odors can often make their way out of your pipes and into your home, signaling you there is a problem. This is most noticeable during the hottest parts of the year when the heat can cause waste and debris to fester in your pipes, making the odors much stronger and flood your home with a sewage smell. If you notice any type of strong odor coming from your drains, it needs to be checked out immediately.
unpleasant odors
unusual noises

Unusual Noises

If a drain or pipe is clogged, then the water must behave differently than usual in order to make its way past the clog, either by changing its course frequently or by forcing itself through smaller, enclosed spaces in the pipe. This unnatural behavior will result in unusual noises coming from your drains, such as gurgling or bubbling sounds when you flush the toilet, drain your sink, or drain your tub. If you hear these noises coming from your drains, you need to have your pipes investigated for potential clogs before it progresses further.

Slow Draining

If your water is draining much slower than expected, this is the last indicator of a clog before you have a severe clog on your hands. When water is draining at a much slower rate than average, then you have a lot of buildup in your pipes that will become a severe clog if not addressed timely and adequately. Always remember to monitor the water as it drains from your sinks, tubs, showers, and even your washing machine to ensure that it drains as it should. If you notice it drains slowly, you need to have it addressed soon before it escalates further.
slow draining

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standing water

Standing Water

Standing water in your sink, tub, or shower is what occurs after you’ve noticed that water is draining slower than average, and it indicates a severe clog. If the clog in your pipes has reached the point that water will not drain at all, then it has progressed to the point that traditional at-home clog clearing techniques and tools will not likely clear the clog. Suppose you’ve noticed that you have standing water in any of your plumbing fixtures. In that case, it’s time to call a dependable plumbing company immediately before the situation causes more damage and leads to more expensive repairs.
recurring clogs

Recurring Clogs

One of the most significant indicators that you need air jetting services is a clog that keeps recurring. There are many DIY and professional drain cleaning services out there that will not produce the same level of results that air jetting is capable of. Usually, a DIY drain cleaning, such as a store-bought pipe snake or a simple regimen of Draino, will get the job done for your everyday clogs. However, sometimes clogs need the touch of a professional, and if it’s severe enough, that may not even be enough. When your clogs keep returning, no matter how often you’ve addressed them, it’s time for air jetting.

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Hydro Jetting VS.Air Jetting What’s the Difference?

hydro jetting

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a process that involves forcing high-pressure water through your pipes to clear them of buildup and clogs, such as grease, scale buildup, and waste. This process saves homeowners from having to open their pipes for pipe washing and extensively cleans the pipes like air jetting. However, hydro jetting is best left to newer plumbing pipes or newer homes as it puts a significant amount of stress on the lines. If your pipes are older or weakened, hydro jetting may not be the best course of action.
air jetting

Air Jetting

Air jetting is remarkably similar to hydro jetting in that it forces air through your pipes in an inflatable air bladder to clear out any blockages or buildup. Since there is no high-pressure water involved in the process, it puts significantly less stress on your pipes. As a result, homes with aging plumbing pipes or weakened pipes can receive all the benefits of hydro jetting without as many of the risks involved!
hire professional

Why Hire a Professional?

Whether you’re going with hydro jetting or air jetting, these intricate processes should always be left to the professionals. Not only should it not be performed by the average homeowner, but it shouldn’t be left to an amateur plumber either. These techniques for clearing your pipes should only be left to an experienced plumber. Our team is here to help with your clogs and has been extensively trained on all our techniques to ensure your air jetting service is accomplished with the highest quality!

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between air jetting and snake drain cleaning?

Snake drain cleaning involves using a long cable or plastic line with small blades on the end of it. The snake runs down the drain and into the pipe to dislodge the clog to allow water flow to resume. However, this technique is primarily for minor clogs, and you or your plumber can perform. With air jetting, it’s mainly for severe clogs that a snake cannot remove. An experienced professional can only complete this process and thoroughly cleans the pipes instead of only removing the clog.

What's the first step in air jetting?

The first step in air jetting is that one of our professional plumbers will run a small camera into your pipes. As the camera is navigated through your lines, our plumber will be observing its progress on a monitor to locate the blockage, look out for other damage, and determine where to insert the air jet. Once these factors have been determined, our plumbing technician will get to work clearing your pipes!

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